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Free Shipping on Orders $25 or more!

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Our Story

Come and get your GLAM on!

Lanae’s Glam Shop was started in 2018 once my teenage daughters started talking about finding a summer job. They were so adamant about getting a job, but they're also in a lot of extracurricular activities so I suggested that they should try to start selling products on hand at the moment because having an actual job might interfere with your schedule and events. We started looking up eyelashes & lipgloss since that was the going hustle at that time. So I started investing in my children bought supplies, eyelashes, tweezers, boxes, bags, etc whatever you needed to start a business I was on it for them. My youngest daughter started to make sales, and during the process somewhere I forgot to tell them that you have to save your money first don't spend what you just made because we have to get more products and so on. After that failed attempt with the lashes, at the ending of 2019 I started doing more research because at this point I feel like we can do this, we now have a better understanding and we know what we are working towards and what the goal is so to let get it, we did that and been going since. Thank you all for the support!!!!

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Do you have a question about our products? Drop us a message in our dm or send an email- our staff is happy to assist you with anything you need.

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